Whenever a friend of family member visits me in Seattle, I always take them to see the Fremont Troll. To me, the Fremont Troll represents the quirky undertone of Seattle which makes it a really fun place to live.  This Saturday (Halloween), the Fremont Troll is turning 20 and there is going to be a celebration like nobody's business.

Trolloween, Oct 31st at 7 PM sharp, is the birthday party for the Fremont Troll. We will start the celebration with him under the Aurora Bridge, as he loves a good laugh and a great story. We will soon be off on the annual Haunt of Fremont.

This 20th anniversary of the birth of the Fremont Troll, we'll be experiencing the tale of Dante’s Inferno. Many artists and performers will present their twisted & whacky version of this dark tale, known to us as: ‘Just a little lover’s spat, honey’.

Rain or dry, we will sing, dance, marvel, and laugh our way through the dark underbelly of Dante and Fremont. An unsweetened and piquant family event with plenty of fun to scare the laughs out of any stoic kid or stogy adult.

Come dress as your favorite dead celebrity and take part in our costume walk across the final stage, under the Fremont Bridge, for the appreciation of your community.

If you have been to the Fremont Solstice Parade, you know the Fremont Arts Council goes all out for their festivals, so I expect Trolloween to be amazing this year with lots and lots of performers and artists.  

This is a free event but donations are welcome.