Where to Buy the Best Natural, Organic, and Dolphin-Safe Products

My radar is set to low for fun activities in Seattle this week because I am getting ready to spend a week in Mexico beginning on Saturday.  Seattle en la Franja va a México!  I will enjoy many activities in Mexico including visiting Mayan ruins, deep sea fishing, and swimming with dolphins.  Oh yes, it is going to be amazing. 

Speaking of swimming with dolphins, I have to make sure I bring biodegradable sunblock on my trip.  Non-biodegradable sunblock makes dolphins sick.  Apparently, people can buy the appropriate sunblock at dolphin-swim registration on site, but it is overpriced.  It makes sense that it is overpriced.   There you are all set to swim with dolphins with your pasty gringo skin sizzling in the sun, and they tell you you can't go unless you wear sunblock that won't kill off the dolphin population.  What choice do you have?  Thankfully, I know enough to get my biodegradable sunblock in advance and save a few dollars. 

Where can a person get biodegradable sunblock in Seattle? 

  • My first instinct is Trader Joe's because it usually has the best prices for natural and organic food and products.  However, I'm not totally secure in my knowledge of which sunblocks are biodegradable.  The sunblock I need has to be paraben-free in order to be biodegradable, but I do not think all natural sunblock brands found at Trader Joe's are paraben-free, and I want to be absolutely sure I buy the right product. 
  • I will mostly likely go to Rainbow Natural Remedies and take advantage of their expertise and let them guide me to what I need.  Rainbow Natural Remedies was recommended to me by a naturopath because of their large selection of quality natural and organic products.  Not all natural remedies are equal and it's important to me to get the best product.  The folks at this place know their stuff and they have never sent me down the wrong path.
  • Another option is Whole Foods, but this grocery store is more expensive than Trader Joe's and it is not a locally owned small business like Rainbow Natural Remedies. 
Fortunately for me, I live in a city where it is fairly easy to find natural and organic products.  There are still more options other than the 3 options I listed.  These are the closest available choices I have to where I live and work.